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10 Actions for Going into the New Year Right

10 Actions for Going into the New Year Right

December 18, 2023

If you’re looking to get a bit closer to managing your money and reaching your financial goals, try these ten things that'll each take less than ten minutes.

  1. Unsubscribe. Retail newsletters are designed to entice you to buy something. By stopping them, you’re less inclined to make impulse buys
  2. Pay Down Debt. Organize your debts by the interest rate, then the current balance, and pay down the highest first—just don’t pay it at the expense of your emergency and savings accounts
  3. Increase Contributions. Try increasing your retirement contributions by 1% and see how you feel knowing you’re taking care of your future self
  4. Schedule a Date. Open your calendar and schedule “financial self-care” time to update and review what's happening in your financial world
  5. Know Your Net Worth. Knowing your net worth is the best way to see your entire financial picture and enables you to make better informed financial decisions
  6. Amp Up Savings. Check your bank savings account and see if there’s an option to move from a traditional to a high-yield savings account
  7. Goal Setting. Reflect on your current habits and write down specific goals for the future, then calculate how much money you'll need to reach each one
  8. Pay Yourself. Make sure you’re always working toward your long-term goals by setting up automatic direct deposits into high-yield savings accounts
  9. Ask for Deals. It’s worth a phone call or two to negotiate the rates on your bills—often, Internet and phone companies will offer lower rates if you’re a loyal customer
  10. Look for Benefits. If you’re going to use a credit card, and be sure you’re paying it off monthly, look for ones that offer rewards such as airline miles or cashback


Adapted from Personal Capital